Hello everyone

I just wanted to let you all know that after some productive conversation and much thought, we're announcing that the Broad Street Boogie will begin an indefinite hiatus after our up and coming New Year's Eve Show. It was a tough decision but one that we knew we would face at some point. It's been a blast playing together for the last 6+ years. The time has flown. We'd like to thank every single one of you for supporting us along the way. Kudos to you for thinking live, local, and original. Without fans like yourselves, our local music scene would not be able to sustain an alternative to our current mainstream.

We are looking forward to playing out the remainder of our schedule and hope to see all of your faces out one last time (or two). You will most likely see some of our best performances to date over the next two months. As for the future... some of us have plans, some of us do not, but I guarantee you will continue to see us out and about - instrument in hand. It's in the blood. It doesn't just go away...

Thanks again. Play On!


Another summer gone by. Bummed but excited to get back to some club gigs. We get started this Friday at Parker's Playhouse in Kaukauna. We'll be on stage around 9:30. Check our schedule for more dates.

Thanks to everyone for making it a great summer.


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Big Strides : Cry It All Out
Fun : Aim and Ignite
The Gabe Dixon Band : The Gabe Dixon Band


Another Great Booze Cruise in the books. The weather didn't slow us down a bit. It's always cool to see people gather for this. Such a diversity of fun loving people. Already excited for next year. Thanks to everybody for coming out and to Zack from the Harbor for the TLC.

Moving on... we have a nice string of shows coming up this week starting with Oshkosh's first ever Main Street Music Festival. We're exited to be playing the opening night. Get details at See the rest of our weekend below.

8/1/13 : Main Street Music Festival : Oshkosh, WI : 10:30pm (slot) : Barley and Hops (with Silenze)

8/2/13 : Victorian Village Tiki Bar : Elkhart Lake, WI : 7pm (outdoors)

8/3/13 : Tanners : Kimberly, WI : 6-10pm (outdoors - full band - special guests - pool party zinger!) 

8/4/13 : Clearwater Harbor Floating Dock : Waupaca, WI : 3pm (outdoors)

Thanks again for supporting the band!!



Dang! Summer's half over already. We've been having a blast (thanks Clearwater Harbor for another humdinger). Things start to pick up for us a bit starting this Saturday with the 9th Annual Booze Cruise. Tickets are sold out and the forecast is looking pretty sweet. We also have a couple of festivals coming up worth noting. Check the schedule for more info.


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Eric Lindell : Change In The Weather
Rolling Stones : Exile On Main Street


Thanks to all who came out to LaX shows this weekend. We had a blast. Thanks to Ross Catterton for sitting in on sax/vocals/Cabernet all weekend. Lookin forward to seeing you all out next fall...LaX

Note to everyone - Booze Cruise Tix are available at all upcoming shows (Green Bay, next Friday may be your last chance at tix).

Our friends in Boxkar are looking to go to London. See details here, vote, Boxkar, and thanks for continuing to support your local artists!

Looking forward to crankin it up outdoors... soon.


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The Deadstring Brothers : Cannery Row
Free Energy : Love Sign
The Beatles : White Album


Cranky Patience
Thanks to all who came out to the Cranky Pat's show in October of '83 (10-12-12). We finally have some tuna for you. Unfortunately, we had some technical and aclohol difficulties that night, so what you get is what you get. lol. Here is the link... Waters & The Broad Street Boogie Live Free

Booze Cruise
This summer's Booze Cruise will be held July 27. Tickets will be available at our March 29 Mill Creek Show (following online and at all shows). More information here. I don't know if there is a way to top that Cruise, but if we all raise a glass together, we just may figure out a way...

Who can shoot good video for cheap? We need to update our YouTube page in a bad way!!! Email us.

This weekend, we're in Manty... Manty, Jerry, Manty!


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Fun : Aim & Ignite
The Mooney Suzuki : Alive & Amplified
Muddy Waters : Greatest Hits


Happy Valentines Day Everyone!

It's been a while since I have been on this page. Enjoying some much needed time off, but itching to get back to playing live. I have somehow managed to stay away from a guitar since New Year's Eve (longest stretch since high school!). Tomorrow, I am taking the Martin(s) up to the northwoods to get re-aquainted. We are back at it as a 6 piece on March 8 in Oshkosh. You can see the rest of our spring schedule by clicking here.

On a Good Day (the latest album) - pretty much available wherever. Show us some love and give it a whirl.

Booze Cruise - tickets and info to come by March 1st.

Can't wait to see you all again. Hope you've been good...


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The Temptations : Greatist Hits
Red Hot Chili Peppers : I'm With You
The Black Crowes : By Your Side


What's up? A ton to talk about on this end. Here we go...

On a Good Day
Just a reminder to all that the new album, "On a Good Day" is out. It is available at all of our live shows, on iTunes, through this website, and through other various websites online.


Thanks to everyone who partied with us at the WAPL Stage at Octoberfest the other weekend. It looked and sounded like everyone had a great time (check out video to the right). Special thanks to the Oshkosh West H.S. Drum Line for droppin beatz!

Live Recording
This Friday (10-12), we will be playing 3 sets at Cranky Pat's in Neenah. We will be recording the entire show in anticipation of a live release this winter. Everyone through the door will receive the music free when released (maybe even prior!!). Looking forward to a rowdy bunch. Show starts at 10.

New Year's Eve
We'll be back at Mill Creek in Appleton this year to bring in 2013. We have just begun the planning, but I can guarantee you it will be memorable (or maybe not - lol).

9th Annual Booze Cruise
This year's Booze Cruise will be held on July 27. Details and tickets to follow.

See you all Friday...


Buy Local!!!!! : Support Local!!!! : Live Large!!!!!

On a Good Day
The new album has been out for just over a month. We've been getting some great feedback. We'd love to hear what you have to say. Drop us a line, comment on our Facebook wall, send us a telegram, whatever.

Appleton's Octoberfest 2012
We'll be headlining the Division St Stage (PAC) this year at 4pm. Let's show the rest of the Avenue how to party! We have a bunch of sweet surprises and special guests planned for this one. Gonna be a hoot!

Live Recording
GW & The BSB will be at Cranky Pat's in Neenah on October 12 to record for an upcoming live CD. All guests in attendance will receive the songs for free. Details at the door.

Happy Fall


Wow, quite a bit has happened since the last post. We released a new album, On a Good Day (available on Amazon, iTunes), I had my truck and all of my gear stolen (most of the gear has been recovered), and the band's gear took on a huge thunderstorm yesterday (still hoping for the best there). Nevertheless, we push on in the name of rock and roll!!

We're coming in to a busy week. Tomorrow, we'll be playing the Leech in Oshkosh for their area band night (6:30pm). Friday, we'll be under a tent at Brat Days in Sheboygan (4pm). Saturday, we hit up the tiki bar at Elkhart Lake's Victorian Village (cool place). We'll wrap up the mini tour on Sunday out on the floating dock at The Clearwater Harbor in Waupaca (4pm). With a little help from mother nature, we all hope to be bronzed and brown by week's end. All shows are outdoors.

See you around...

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Black Country Communion : Black Country Communion
Dirty Heads : Cabin By The Sea
Foxy Shazam : The Church of Rock and Roll


On A Good DayGettin ready for a big weekend... tomorrow (7/19) marks the release of our latest CD, On A Good Day. We will be selling the CDs at our Downtown Appleton Concert Series Show at Houdini Plaza. We have a limited (numbered)

The CD and mp3s will be available shortly on as well as iTunes. You can hear a couple of the tracks from the mp3 player on this site. Stay tuned for more details....

This year's Booze Cruise (7/21) is sold out. Looking forward to a good ride. Sorry to those who were unable to get tix this year. Next year...

We will have a track featured on "Fox Valley Playlist" - an mp3 compilation of local artists Thursday, July 19. This compilation is sponsored by the Post Crescent and can be downloaded here.


We'll be at Waterfest this Thursday with Ed Kowalczyk of Live. BSB takes the stage around 7. We have a handful of free passes available to anyone interested. Go to our Facebook page,"like us", and let us know you're interested. These are first come - first serve.

CD Release
We will be rolling out the new album, "On a Good Day" Thursday, July 19 at our Houdini Plaza (Appleton) show. It will be avilable at the show for $10. You will also be able to find mp3 versions on Amazon and iTunes later in July. Check back soon for a sneak peak at some of the material

Booze Cruise
This year's Booze Cruise will be held July 21 (Clearwater Harbor/Chain O Lakes - Waupaca, WI). Tickets are starting to go pretty quick. You can get more info and order tickets here.


Ahh, summertime. Enjoying some sun, breeze, and family... at least until sundown. Then it's been cheap brandy and heading down to the cave or off to Rock Garden for work on the album. It's coming along a bit slower than we thought, but we're still hoping for a July 19th release. On my way to the studio shortly for a little horn section action.

Booze Cruise tickets are still available. We will have them at all shows up until July 21. You can find details and ordering info here.

Looking forward to getting back to Oshkosh and Peabody's this Friday night. The last few shows have been a blast down there. Same with Tanner's in Kimberly on Saturday. Let's do it up right!!

Don't forget to like us on facebook. We are going to have some free giveaways to facebook friends when the new album comes out.


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Eric Hutchinson : Moving Up Living Down
Black Crowes : Amorica
Men At Work : Greatest Hits


Crazy week. Long rehearsals. Long roads. Long weekend. Good to be back home. La Crosse was a blast. Special thanks to Ben and the Bodega. Good times. We also performed at the WAMI award show last night in Appleton. Great experience. It was nice to see a lot of musical compadres. Congrats to all of this year's winners.

Still plugging away on the album. Working in the home studio now. Wave 2 of the studio recording sessions is right around the corner.

Sluggers this Saturday for all you Appletonians. See you there...



Back from a little down time in Hawaii. Crazy week ahead. Recording studio Wednesday and Thursday. Friday night at the Stone Toad. Saturday at Naut's Landing in Menasha. First shows in a month. Come on out!

BOOZE CRUISE TICKETS ARE NOW ON SALE! We will have tickets available at all shows for $30. You can also order them here. Click here for full details.

We will be performing at this year's WAMI award show at the Appleton Performing Arts Center. The show is April 15 and is open to the public. We are also nominated this year for Rock Artist of the Year. Details here.

Happy Spring


Just stoppin in to say... hola! Working on some demo stuff tonight. Heading to Milwaukee bright and early tomorrow. Two shows this weekend - Peabody's in Oshkosh on Friday and Rock River Pub (Tap Hausss) on Saturday. Come on out and huff it!

Can't stop listening to Sam Cooke and Little Barrie. Startin to mess with my writing?!?!?! lol.

See you this weekend!

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The London Souls


Happy Monday! A perfect night for Brandy Old Fashioneds, Ray LaMontagne, and a snow flurry or two. Been doing a lot of writing and rehearsing lately. I am heading into the studio with the BSB in March to start recording the new album. It feels like we have some good stuff happening, but I guess we'll find out...

The Booze Cruise finally settled on a date this year, July 21. We'd love to have a packed boat this time around. Come one, come all. It could be one of our last years. We've hooked up with an incredibale plot of land to camp on for any out-of-towners. Tickets should go on sale sometime next month.

Lastly, I just wanted to thank all of you who continue to come out and support local, original music. I can't tell you all how much it means to me and the band. There are so many musicians around this area that choose to make a living playing someone else's music. I have respect for all of them and also enjoy playing covers, but my heart lies on the other side of the tracks. Music, writing it, and performing it has consumed me in so many ways over the last 20 years. It has cost me jobs, relationships, and money, and yet I can't stop... so again, thanks. It means alot.

Ned Kelly's this Friday for all you Green Bay-ites.


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The Head and The Heart : The Head and The Heart
Al Green Greatest Hits
Foo Fighters : Wasting Light


Happy New Year everyone. New goals, new aspirations, ahh screw it!! Let's just have a good time.

Thanks to everyone who came out to Mill Creek to celebrate the new year with us. We had a blast. We hope you all liked the new tunes and the free live CDs.

We have some great shows coming up in the valley kicked off with our first time back in Tanner's in a long time. We will be in the bar from 9-1. Check the schedule for more dates.

Just a reminder to like us on facebook and continue to check the fan page. We are updating this page pretty frequently and continue to add some interesting shots to our gallery.

Lastly, we'd love to hear your feedback on some of the new originals we have been playing out in anticipation of our June album release.

Thanks and see you around.

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Sam Cooke : The Best Of Sam Cooke
G Love & The Special Sauce : Superhero Brother
Royce Campbell : A Jazz Guitar Christmas


Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Thanks to everyone who came out to Sliders on Wednesday. We hope to be back there this winter. The schedule's a little light for December. We're taking a little time off to work on the upcoming batch of songs. We hope to be testing some of them out live within the next month or so.

Don't forget to check out the facebook page and sign up for our monthly e-newsletter (there's free music in it for you).


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Jack Johnson : To The Sea
Michael Franti : The Sounds Of Sunshine
Little Barrie : Stand Your Ground


Had a great time at Octoberfest last weekend. Thanks for checking out our stage. We have a new video posted from the show.

This weekend, we are back in the valley again. Mill Creek on Friday and our first appearance at the Outpost in Sherwood on Saturday. Come on out and celebrate a Badger/Brewer victory with the Broad Street Boogie.

Don't forget to sign up on our email list to receive updates on shows/music and to be eligible for special offers. IF YOU SIGN UP TODAY, WE WILL SEND YOU A DOWNLOAD LINK TO OUR CURRENT LIVE PROMOTIONAL CD.

Go Brew Crew.


Just wanted to let everybody know that HOPE 2011 was a HUGE success. We raised over $10,000 for the Giesekes. Thanks to all who were involved. Throughout the winter, we will be looking for families in need of our help. Next year's event will help out one of these families. Keep an eye on for details in the coming months.

Tonight, we are at Ned Kelly's in Green Bay. Come on out and have a night...

Other news : I have a pile of original material laying around. We just began rehearsing some of this stuff with the Broad Street Boogie in hopes of a new album this spring. I'll keep you posted.

Octoberfest is next weekend. See you there

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The 88 : Not Only But Also
The Coasters : Greatest Hits
Foo Fighters : Wasting Light
The Right Ons : 80.01


In December of 2010, our good friend, Hope Gieseke was diagnosed with brain cancer. We're teaming up with Boxkar, Naughty Monkey, Tanners, WAPL, Stellar Blue Web Design, and Heid Music to raise some money for the Giesekes. "HOPE" will take place September 10 at Tanners in Kimberly. You can find out more info or make a donation at

This Saturday, we're throwing our annual party at The Checkered Flag. BSB will play from 6-10 outside. TCF will also be featuring a bag toss tournament starting at noon. Hope to see you there.


7th Annual Booze Cruise Hosted by The Waters Brothers!

This year's cruise is set for July 16 from 7-10pm at the Clearwater Harbor in Waupaca, WI. Tickets go on sale May 14 at Jimmy Seas and will stay on sale until sold out. Price is $30. Your ticket will cover the cruise, free beer/wop, complimentary hot boogie dogs, and 2 sets from the Waters Bros (featuring Mike Cool and Mike Underwood). Tickets will be available at all Broad Street Boogie/ Waters Bros and Casey Jones shows, at Tanners/Mill Creek, or by emailing

Camping is also available for $5 per person a few miles from the Harbor on a great piece of private camping land (5106 Elm Valley Rd - Ogdensburg, WI). We were there last year, and it was a blast! Get there early and take advantage of volleyball, horseshoes, and a lazy river trip. There will be a campfire after the cruise. Plenty of tent space for the whole boatload.

If you haven't been on this cruise, now is the time!


Hey all!
Just a reminder that will be recording for a live CD on February 19 at Mill Creek in Appleton. Show starts at 10pm. Come on down and be a part of the hoopla!


Calling all Fox Valleyinites. GW & The BSB will be rocking Mill Creek again this New Years Eve featuring the Boogie Down Horns (and other special guests). The show starts around 10 and goes until whenever. There will be some sweet ToeKnee V videos rockin afterwards. You can get tickets right at the door. Free Champagne at midnight. Rockin Roots all night!



TOMMY 8 : NOVEMBER 20, 2010
The Tommy VIII benefit is in honor of Tommy Steinbruecker who lost his life in a motorcycle accident 8 years ago. Tommy was an exceptionally talented musician and got his start playing live at a very young age. He was the bass player in Green Bay’s own Annex. This benefit helps continue his memory and legacy as one of the area’s brightest stars who's life and talent was taken from us too soon.

All proceeds go towards the ongoing support of our LOCAL young talent by getting musical instruments to kids in the Fox Valley. Come out and support a great cause! The Broad Street Boogie plays from 9-10. This is an all ages event.

I will be on air with Paul Hanna of Annex this Friday at 9am to promote Saturday's show. Local listeners, tune in to 105.7WAPL to hear the segment.

Doin anything fun for New Years? Didn't think so. Come down to Mill Creek for a New Year's Eve with The Broad Street Boogie. Last year was a blast, so we're doing it again. After we're done (whenever that is), a DJ will be spinning for the rest of the night/morning. You can get tix at Mill Creek, or just show up and get your party on.

The CWB will be back at Tanners this year in Kimberly for our "annual" show. The date is set for December 11. You can find out more details by going to Tickets are available at Tanners or by phone (920-788-7275). Lookin forward to a good night and some old faces.

Greg Waters : Play On | Greg Waters : Disappear | CWB : The Day They All Resigned


Crazy... Happy Halloween everyone. We are doing a couple of sweet rooms this weekend. The Broad Street Boogie will be at The Milwaukee Ale House on Friday night and Fratello's (free) in Oshkosh on Saturday for their Annual Halloween Party. Both shows start at 9. We'd love to see you at one.. or both!

The Waters Bros and Casey Jones will be at Mill Creek this Thursday (Nov 4) for our first show since August. Should be a good time. Stop in and say hi. It may be a tequila night...

The Annual Cool Waters "Christmas Show" is on the books for Dec 11 at Tanners in Kimberly. You can find details on the show and tickets by clicking here.

Thinkin about a new album soon... That's all for now. See ya around


Latest Listens: Beautiful Girls - Spooks, Vampire Weekend - Vampire Weekend,
Weezer - Raditude


This Thursday, The Broad Street Boogie will be down at Waterfest opening for the Bodeans. We will be on at 6pm. There are some free tickets available for anyone interested. Email for more info.



Booze Cruise 2010
Tickets will be available beginning this Friday at the Tap Haus. They are $40 and include boat admission (7-10pm), free beer and wop, food, and entertainment. We will have group camping available again this year. We'll keep you posted on that. Tickets will be available at all shows on a first come/first serve basis. If you can't make it out to a show, email, and we'll get you set up.


For those of you who haven't heard, the WAMI Award Show took place at the PAC in Appleton this past Monday. The Broad Street Boogie took home the Rock Artist of the Year Award. Pretty exciting and pretty unexpected. Also, pretty cool considering we're just a bunch of dudes who like getting together to jam. Congrats to the other Fox Valley who artists who won this year. There were quite a few.

What else is new... we've been playing out some of the new originals I wrote for the latest Cool Waters CD. They've been a lot of fun. We're also going to work on a couple of new covers for the summer. Hopefully, we'll keep y'all on your toes.

Well, that's about all for now. Heading to Hawaii to take a break for a few days. Looking forward to seeing you all this summer...

PS. I have a few copies of the "Maybe It's The Sunshine" single left. Ask me for one at a gig. They're free.


Hola Mis amigos! Just droppin in to let you know what's going on. The Waters Bros and Casey Jones just returned from a little Mexican excursion. Sun, Sand, Drinks, and Guitars - It was muy divertido. Congrats Jenn and Brent. You really know how to throw a party.

Mill Creek tonight... The Broad Street Boogie is back in downtown Appleton tonight. We'd love to see you all out. We also have a sweet little WBACJ show on St Pattys Day at Anduzzis in Appleton. If it's anything like last year, it could be a bit nuts...

The Broad Street Boogie was again nominated for WAMI Rock Band of The Year (we never win these awards, but it's kind of fun to get nominated...). This year, the WAMI Award Ceremony will be held in Appleton at the PAC. You can find details, buy tickets, OR VOTE FOR GW AND THE BSB FOR THE PEOPLES' CHOICE AWARD by clicking here.

The summer schedule is up. We have a few holes to fill, but the current schedule page should give you a good idea where we'll be. Also, the Booze Cruise is set for July 24, but we don't have any details yet. Stay tuned.

That's it for now. See you tonight!!


Latest Listens : The New Mastersounds - Ten Years On, Vampire Weekend - Vampire Weekend, Paolo Nutini - These Streets

Happy New Year... or Ground Hog's Day.. or whatever. This winter/spring is a bit quiet on the Broad Street front. Lots of traveling going on. Good times.

The new music is up online. You can purchase the CD at CDBaby or iTunes, or just come out to a show.

Twitter, get music updates regarding Broad Street Boogie, Waters Bros and Casey Jones, and The Cool Waters Band. Click here.

Greg @ Twitter

Latest listens: Vampire Weekend, Spoon, Led Zeppelin

Stay warm!

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12/31 : Mill Creek - Appleton, WI

more dates...

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"The Sweetest Days Are These"
4-20-13 at Cranky Pat's : Neenah, WI


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